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Below you’ll find Yuri and Isabelle’s services listed, see you soon! 🤲🏼 (Click on the price to book)

Chi Nei Tsang with Yuri

90 min energetic abdomen stress release massage

Tok Sen with yuri

90 min energetic low impact percussion massage

cupping with yuri

60 min pain relieving and blood flow stimulating massage

Swedish Massage with yuri

60 min relaxation massage

Spiritus Breathwork with yuri

4/8/12/16 week trajectory, 90 min/week

Somatic Therpay with yuri

4/8/12/16 week trajectory, 90 min training/week, 2x15 min/day homework, 15 min follow up/week

Combined Package with yuri

A customised trajectory of Spiritus Breathwork and Somatic Therapy

Shibari therapy with Isabelle

90 min of letting go, coming closer to yourself, of release

Hypnotherapy with Isabelle

3 weeks, 2x45 min/week, 15 min journaling/day, 45 min subliminals/day