Seminar coming up

the Mysteries of Ancient
Chinese Energy Healing

Jan 19 - 21 / 2024


This seminar will take place in a unique location in Belgium where we will host you all for two nights.
Arrival is on Friday evening 18h, we have dinner, and then are able to start the next morning bright and early.
The bedrooms are per two/three people and there is in-house catering for the 7 meals (a €30 supplement on site).
We are strive to provide a transformational immersive!

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Women & men together

  • Qi Gong, emotions & connecting
  • Joint
  • Abdomen & organs
  • Different types of breath
  • Cosmic orbit (basics)
  • Inner smile
  • 6 healing sounds

Sexual energy non-erotic
Women separate

  • Ovary breathing
  • Ovary pressure
  • Breast massage
  • Menstrual alchemy

Men separate

  • Testicular breathing
  • Testicular pressure
  • Male deer exercise

Women separate

Initiation jade egg
  • Origin
  • Practices
  • Use based on age & cycle
  • Different types of minerals, Different styles of practice
Different breast massage
  • Ascending and descending the mountain

Men separate

Preventing the loss of life essence & using it to reinforce
  • Orgasm & ejaculation
  • Testicular massage
  • Sexual energy & organs
  • Bone breathing

Women & men together

Sexual energy as a couple
  • Massage of the 9 flowers
  • Different energies between F/M
  • Energy exchange between 2 people
  • Goddess & God meditation
  • Group discussion

About Olivier Barré

Olivier has been training under Mantak Chia since 1997. He is now a Senior Master in Qigong and a Senior Master and Practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Deep Healing Technique). He is also a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, teaches Capoeira teacher and has a degree in Philosophy.

He founded Les Ventres Libres.