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What does Ikkyu mean?

Amplifying your human experience

Ikkyu was a Zen buddhist and poet from the 13th century who took a stance against monk celibacy and other taboos. He intertwined spirituality and sexuality, and that is something we resonate with. We combined that with the Enso circle, which represents a moment of “pause”. And the kanji Kokoro meaning Emotion, actually connotes inclusively the emotional, spiritual and mental states of all sentient beings.

A judgement-free zone to tap into your own Divinity

So to sum it up, Ikyyu represents a moment in the now to allow you as a wholesome being with a wide spectrum of emotions to surrender into a judgement-free zone to tap into your own Divinity. We do that thru different tools and practices. Go to our Practices page to find out more. Or scroll below to meet our team.
Isabelle bæwy, co-founder

Meet our team

Yuri and Isabelle are dedicated to contribute to a world with more love, understanding of oneself, conscious communication and deeper connection.


Yuri has been practicing energetic bodywork since he was a little boy. His grandmother was a Reiki practitioner and his father taught him Chinese foot reflexology. In 2018 he went through a  divorce, lost his best friend and father, and went into a depression.

He had an epiphany and chose to live life to the fullest. He started with Swedish massage and deep tissue sport massage. He then learned the art of reflexology.

To further develop he went to Thailand to learn the ancient ways of the Thai massage. He studied with a master of the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi and last but not least Yuri is a student of Mantak Chia, training in Chi Nei Tsang (abdomen reflexology).

Lastly is he He is also learning Tantric massages and breathwork & cold exposure as taught by Wim Hof.


Isabelle grew up in a Christian/jewish conservative environment. In her young adventurous rebellious spirit she set out on a quest to find freedom.
In 2019 she found herself connecting to her soul, mind and body through Sacred Sexuality and learning the principles of adaptive brain plasticity.

She has a background in sex work as a high class escort and dominatrix. She is very passionate about creating taboo-free, conscious and inclusive sex & kink education.

She is mentored by Be Shibari and holds a safe space for Shibari Therapy, embodying the Mother archetype with a gentle, loving, safe, nurturing presence.
She is training David Mears to become a certified
 Master Hypnotherapist.

She runs women circles & temples inviting women into sisterhood and sensuality, connecting back to their bodies and souls. She uses modalities such as inner child mediation, breathwork, lap dance, dark femme in her workshops.

I noticed after our encounter a tenderness towards myself. In feel so welcome with you guys, every side of me is allowed to exist! I feel so much warmth and an open mind from you. It definitely has set the journey towards self love and acceptance of myself! So grateful for that!💖

Liesbeth, client Shibari Therapy